Dedicated to: Illustrious Victor Armstrong, 33° I.G.H.

Come immerse yourself in the brotherhood of man’s vast body of ancient symbols and use the limitless potential of your mind to unveil the mysteries of antiquity dating to a time before the great deluge. You will embark on a journey of a lifetime, where past and present coalesce to reveal a deeper understanding of the world we experience.  

By Joining the Scottish Rite you will participate in a robust fraternal organization with a stable membership, recognized, respected, and valued by its members, the Masonic world, and the public at large for its ideals, values, philanthropy, and positive contributions it makes to its members and communities in which they reside and work.

The path to becoming a Thirty-Second Degree Scottish Rite Mason starts right here at the Austin Valley Scottish Rite. Any Master Mason belonging to a regular Symbolic Lodge is eligible to petition for the 4°–32° of the Scottish Rite. Petitions can be obtained by clicking here or from the Secretary of the Austin Valley.

Come join the Austin Valley Scottish Rite for the 2024 Spring Reunion dedicated to: Illustrious Victor Armstrong, 33° I.G.H. on Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th.  Degree fee is $275, Endowed membership $1250 if payed together the total is $1500.

* Please submit you petition for the degrees by May 4th to be voted upon by the Lodge of perfection. *


2024 Summer Reunion dedicated to: Illustrious Victor Armstrong, 33° I.G.H.  Schedule

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Doors Open………………………………………………..7am




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